Resources to be put on line

The resources suggested here are packs (sets of files/folders) to put on line.
Some simplistic explanations for beginners :

  • A server is a computer which runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The main assets of servers are its robustness, its availability, its speed to answer a request, the high size of its memory (RAM, ROM, hard disks) and (for ecology) its low consumption of energy.
  • Internet is a gigantic worldwide network making possible to connect all servers and all customers (you for example) together.
  • Your PC, connected to Internet (by cable, wifi, or any other means), gives you access to billion billion information which is stored in servers.
All is connected by the intenet
Server | Internet | Customer : your PC

The applications (resources) which you will find here are intended to be placed on the server of your choice (why not a local server that you can easily install on your own computer). The majority of internet-access suppliers propose a space for building your own website. So why not profit of that, you will not pay more !

There are also free hosting companies (ie Having said that, it is easy today to find excellent, professional host for only 6.00 € per month overall… Then, launch you, do not hesitate !