Gadwin PrintScreen : copy a part of what I see on my screen

I coach the rectangular area that interests me
I click right

Gadwin company offers a great free software who can easily make screenshots : PrintScreen. Simply select any rectangular portion of your screen with the mouse and press a key on the keyboard to save it in the clpiboard and as an image file in a folder of your choice.
With PrintScreen, I can literally "freeze" the screen of my computer, frame the rectangular area that interests me, and by a mouse click, get the selected portion of the screen as an image file (jpg, png or other), and ready to be pasted on a document.

...and here is the result


First example (above) : from a photo found on the web, I can get in seconds a fraction of the image in question.

And here is the result available in the clipboard and saved on my hard drive.

F9 key, then rectangular selection on frozen screen
pre-visualization of the catch
image obtained



Second example : from a video, I can freeze the screen and get an image of the film at the exact moment of my choice.

In this example , the reader "windows media player" is on pause in some way, a pause triggered by PrintScreen.

Finally, I get this picture :

Triggering the capture process : F9 key | Rectangular Selection
Pre-visualization Result
Done in less than 15 seconds !


Third example: I can capture, theft, the menu of most current programs, including the mouse cursor at the location where it was when I started the capture process.

Extremely useful for someone who writes technical articles, and so on...

How to install it ?

Installing Gadwin PrintScreen program don't hold any particular problem. Simply click on this link to download the program, which size is 2.75 MB. Gadwin PrintScreen is usable on any platform, Microsoft ® Windows  98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista, or Windows NT 4.0SP6.
Just get the file (program) PrintScreen44_Setup.exe you just downloaded and double-click it.
A security warning window opens : choose "Run", which launches the installation program on your computer.
The steps are as follow :

  • selection of the language of your choice
  • acceptance of Terms of Use
  • choice of where you want to install the program (C:\Program Files\Gadwin Systems\PrintScreen by default)

Note that the installer creates a folder [PrintScreen Files] in [My Documents] : this is where all your captures will go by default.

Your screen capture program is now open. You have just to set it up according to your wishes. To do this, you must either double-click on the icon on your desktop or on the (small) icon at the bottom right of your screen (taskbar) :

PrintScreen shortcut on your desktop
PrintScreen shortcut in taskbar (4th icon from the left)

How to configure it ?

In the first tab (Preferences), I make the following choices :

  • Keyboard shortcut : I choose the key that will start the process of capture
  • I check "Preview the captured image"
  • I check "Run at windows startup" (the program takes up very little space in memory)

In the second tab (Source), I make the following choices :

  • Area to capture = rectangular area
  • Capture the mouse cursor (your choice)

In the third tab (Destination), I make the following choices :

  • Copy the capture into the clipboard (handy to paste the image directly in a mail or other document)
  • Copy the capture to a file (captured images can be reused later)
  • File : with automatic naming (eg copy_) of your choice and registration folder that you want (C:\Useful\ScreenCopies). The files generated by PrintScreen will be named copy_001.jpg, copy_002.jpg, and so on...

In the fourth tab (Image), I make the following choices :

  • Image format : JPEG Bitmap (other possible choices :.bmp,.gif,.png or.tif)
  • Resize : blank (original format retained)
  • Options : JPEG Quality = 75% (good image quality for a reasonable amount of memory)
  • Stamp: blank
Configuration : Preferences
First tab
Configuration : Source
Second tab
Configuration : Destination
Third tab
Configuration : Image
Fourth tab

How to use PrintScreen software ?

current coordinates of cursor | cursor initial coordinates | width and height

To make a screenshot, I press "F9" on my keyboard (key defined above in the configuration).
This triggers the opening of a "zoom window" that allows me to zoom in on the area I wish to select and adjust easily position, width and height of this area (in pixels) :

  • Pos: indicates the coordinates of the bottom right edge of area | x=pos1 et y=pos2
  • Sel: indicates the coordinates of the upper left edge of area (when I clicked for the first time) | x=sel1 et y=sel2
  • W*Y: indicates the dimensions of area | width = W = #1 et height = H = #2

You can expand or shrink the window at will and put it wherever on the screen.

Opening popup menu
Opening popup menu

By right clicking on the "PrintScreen" icon in the taskbar, I trigger the opening of a popup menu that allows me :

  • to display the "Properties" in order to change the configuration
  • to open the capture folder
  • to get help
  • to display my version of PrintScreen
  • and finally to exit

Further reading

There is an improved version, payable, of this software : Gadwin PrintScreen Pro 4.7.

With the Pro version, you can, in addition to capture, annotate, edit images, so as to create presentations with a "professional" look.

Other products are also available : please visit Gadwin site if you're interested.

PrintScreen can also be used as "virtual decimeter"

width and height of the yellow buoy
precision measuring

Due to its ease of use, PrintScreen can be used to measure, with a presision of one pixel, the width or height of any particular area, window, photo, and so forth...
Let me explain with an example :
I would like to know the width and height of the yellow buoy in the image below. It's very simple : I run a capture by pressing F9 key, I draw a rough rectangle around the buoy, I adjust carefully the 4 sides of my rectangle and it is done : width 116px - height 122px.

PrintScreen allows you to print non-printable contents for someone who do not use it

Extract from Google maps
Extract from Google maps

Example: I want to go by my cousin who lives in Lyon (France). Unfortunately, I do not know Lyon, but then not at all. I do not have GPS in my car. On the other side, I have internet and also PrintScreen.
Here's how I proceed to print the map of the area of my Cousin's house :

  • I go to "Google maps" and I type the address of my Cousin
  • I adjust the area that interests me (with streets names)
  • I "click" F9 key and I adjust the part of card that I'm going to print
  • I start the capture (right-click)
  • I open a blank doc or odt page odf (open office text) or words (MS office)
  • I paste my capture inside
  • Then I just have to print this page
English language

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