General information about softwares

In order to get a result with any software, just follow the following process :

First SELECT then ACT

Some examples :
Select some text > Action : copy text
Select the starting point > Action : Paste text
Select one (or more) mp3 record(s) > Action : Read the selection
Select a portion of an image > Action : shrink the image
Select « color » tool > Action : change the color
Select files and folders > Action : send remote
Select a link on a web page > Action : go to the corresponding page
So the computer is not rocket science : just choose the software to do what you want, apply to do a good selection and choose the appropriate action among those available to get the desired result.
Train yourself, practice, and you certainly get forward. If you doubt, you can meditate on this Indian proverb : « An ounce of practice is worth than a ton of theory ».

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