About us

Hello and welcome !

Born at a time when the integrated circuit had not yet been invented (1952), where the transistor had just made ​​its appearance, I was early very passionate about radio technology and electronics (almost analogic). I finally made ​​my profession : electronics.
With the rapid evolution of technology, I dropped the oscilloscope and soldering iron to replace them by a PC (personal computer), a mouse and a keyboard.
I am currently working in a global company which has 162,000 employees in 150 different countries : Johnson Controls. I belong to the « electronic for cars equipment » branch. More specifically, I deal with a global database gathering all « electronic components » used by Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics.
During my free time I devote myself to program websites. I started with html, css and javascript in 2005 and I bigan with PHP / MySQL in 2006. One thing leading to another, all this has led me to build this site.
My goal and my motivation are to share my passion for computing, and bring you the fruits of my personal experience, after 7 years of practice.