GIPel : online Personal Information Manager

online Personal Information Manager

This application replaces advantageously the VIP project using the famous framework « codeigniter ». It allows you to access, manage and share all your valuable information, safely, at any time and everywhere : information about your family, your friends, your relations, your usernames and passwords , your favorite websites, documents, notes, whatever more ... Everything you can imagine.

GIPel contains an address book, a notebook, a folder for your documents and an IDs and passwords manager for your web sites.
A search engine allows you to quickly find your recordings by their « keywords » in just 2 clicks. This engine is still available in the top banner.

16 screenshots that follow will give you a brief overview of what you can do with GIPel (click on an image to enlarge).

Homepage - access to sections
Navigate in records section
Miscellaneous section navigation
Administration section navigation
Search result with paging
Input form 100% HTML5
Detail view in the Address Book
Shipping label printing
Warning message before deleting
Detailed recording (field by field) History
Upload a photo / change photo
Records groups management
Advanced Search Form
Field by field validation on forms
Edit the current user account
Account management (administration section)

Access to information contained in GIPel requires strong authentication. Safety has not been neglected. The sessions are run by the « session » class of codeigniter and stored in the database. Their duration is limited. « Sensitive » information are invisible in the session cookie.

GIPel can handle three types of users : ReadOnly (Reading Only) ReadWrite (Reading and Writing) , SuperAdmin (single site administrator).

ReadOnly can :

  • access sections : recordings , miscellaneous
  • see « communal » records

ReadWrite may, in addition :

  • see « personal » records created by him
  • add « personal » or « communal » records
  • edit and delete « personal » records created by him

SuperAdmin may, in addition :

  • access sections: administration and banking
  • see all « personal » records
  • edit and delete all « personal » or « communal » records
  • manage groups of records

The records are divided into two levels of confidentiality :

  • communal : visible to all users once they are authenticated
  • personal : visible only by the owner (and the administrator)
GIPel on low-cost HUAWEI i-phone

Efforts have been made, particularly in terms of navigation, so that GIPel can easily be used from mobile phones, even low-end. Place finger on a phone number that you saved in GIPel : your phone will automatically dial the number. For the web sites, easily copy paste your passwords... And do not forget to put a password to unlock your i-phone !

Finally, a detailed installation procedure and a dedicated script makes installation very easy, even if you are not a computer expert. Just a server is needed to host the application.

CE on october 29th 2013

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