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GCM is a multimedia content manager allowing you to upload and share a true « visual-library » containing media : audio recordings, photos or images, video clips. The term « media » used in GCM refers to any audio, graphic, or video object.
Supported formats are :

  • mp3 for audio
  • gif, jpeg (jpg) and png for images
  • flv(flash video) for video.
Grouping by album
Visibility management
Access control to the site

Media are gathered in albums. Albums are available in three levels of confidentiality. Depending on the selected level, the content will be viewable by :

  • everyone
  • members who have opened an account on the site
  • members declared « private » by the administrator.

An access control (with login and password) can filter visitors (or users) in 4 categories :

  • visitor (free entry)
  • member
  • private member
  • administrator

A visitor can only see the media contained in the albums visible to « everyone ».
A member who is registered on the site can see, more, albums for members and manage his account and settings.
If declared « private », the member has access to all the albums on the site. He can also add media, manage, and maintain the level of confidentiality of records.
In addition, the administrator can manage all site members.

According to his rights, the user has a side menu to :

  • add and comment media
  • browse (and manage) albums
  • make a deep search
  • adjust his settings
  • modify his personal data and password
  • acccess administration menu
Registration with sending mail
Album - page 6
An audio track
A video clip
A jpeg photography
Upload and comment the media

When browsing an album, some actions are available on contained medias :

  • navigate through album
  • edit and anotate the media
  • move the media from an album to another
  • delete the media
  • download the media

and, for pictures :

  • see exif info (exposure time, ISO, focal length, etc ...)
  • full screen display
  • run full-screen slideshow.

The available actions depend on the rights of the visitor.

A MySQL database centralizes all necessary information for the proper operation of the site.
And finally, GCM is equipped with a search engine always available, through which you can search and quickly find any media from its « keywords ».

Exif data (for jpeg only)
Search engine always available
Search result example
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